System Evaluation Analysis in R: Part 1

Since the last blog post I’ve been kept busy getting my thesis ready for submission and preparing for attending CHI in a few weeks time. For the latter, I decided to create some graphs for my presentation and decided to use R to generate them.

All of the analysis of data for my PhD has already been done in SPSS, however, I thought that this could be quite useful. By re-analysing the data in R I can check to see if there are any differences between the findings.

After a few hours playing around, I knitted the R file to HTML, which you can view here.

I should mention that I don’t consider myself to be an expert by any means, so some of the methods I may have used to get the data into the format I wanted may seem really strange, or inefficient, but I tend to hack away at problems until I solve them. It may not be the best way of doing it, but it works!

The knitted HTML page outlines the study and data collected. I’ll consider doing more after CHI if I have a chance. If you have any feedback then feel free to get in touch and let me know how I could have done better.